• Will Spazazz aromatherapy spa crystals damage my hot tub?
          No, our product has been formulated specifically for the hot tub. We, as well as many of our hot tub dealers and manufactures, have tested our product countless times. Our product is formulated to filter through your hot tub system, leaving no scum residue or altered water chemistry.
  • Can I use Spazazz product in a bath tub?

          Of course, our product works great in the bath tub. 

  • How does Spazazz fragrance their product?

          100% Essential Oils - Highest Grade Aromatherapy

  • How much product do I add/use?

          1 cap-ful (2oz) to every 100 gallons of water. Approximately 400 gallons of water are in the average hot tub, that being said, about 4oz is what you will use. We recommend you start with that but you can always add more depending on your desired aroma. There is no harm in adding more.

  • How long does the fragrance last when using?

          About 30-50 minutes. This is heavily dependent on how much you add.

  • What is the shelf life of Spazazz product?

          48 months once opened. This is also based on the product being stored in a cool/dry area and out of direct sunlight.

  • Where do I pour the Spazazz crystals?

          Pour directly into the water or you can use directly on the skin as a scrub.